TailorInsight Releases Report on ‘New Hologram AR Technology Is Expected

TailorInsight, a fintech market analysis group, recently launched an analysis report titled ‘New Hologram AR Know-How is Enticed to Make a Breakthrough’. The new discussion on 5G matters this year has attracted a lot of attention in the telecom market.

With the phenomenon of 5G, enterprise development, there is a huge demand in the 5G market and the whole business chain will be strongly pushed forward. The development of 5G new expertise opens up a new utility area within the three events of eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC. 5G will transcend the realm of communication connections and produce a profoundly smart digital economic system revolution by deep integration of communications, computing and vertical industries.

At the same time, faster web velocities could also fuel the further development of naked-eye 3D. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 3D stunning effect without 3D glasses while watching a movie. Comparable industries are led by digital reality and augmented reality.

For example, in museums and lecture halls, digital reality can be used for explanation, which is more vivid. At the same time, with the phenomenon of cloud expertise and the development of the 5G community, cell exhausting disk may also be erased sooner or later. Customers only need to switch the supply to Cloud Disk. Under the high-speed community, it is extremely easy to take and use as you wish.

5G will build the critical infrastructure for the digital transformation of the economic system and society at large, from online to offline, from consumption to manufacturing, from platform to ecology, and will promote the phenomenon of China’s digital economic system to a new stage.

Within the initial phase of 5G commercialization, operators will demonstrate large-scale community building, in line with the White Paper on the “Financial and Social Impact of 5G” predicted by the Info and Communication Analysis Institute. Investments in community and terminal gear could reach 450 billion yuan by 2020. By 2030, 5G will contribute 6.3 trillion yuan to complete production immediately and 10.6 trillion yuan to meet direct production.

WIMI Hologram Cloud is probably one of the main corporations in the VR/AR business. WIMI builds a real-time modeling system for taking multi-angle photographs: full-dimensional image scanning is performed on the collected objects, which is synthesized in real time into a three-dimensional mannequin. Meanwhile, it has a six-degree matrix optical field system: the imaging field of the holographic digital picture is produced by the excellent usability of multiple light sources.

It also has a binocular disparity clever enhancement system: it dynamically tracks the text trajectory and adjusts sunlight during the acquisition process to maintain a balanced value of binocular disparity.

Additionally, WIMI has expertise in a multi-image dynamic fusion system, holographic picture high-speed processing algorithms, stealth polyester optical imaging movies, and holographic digital character voice reconstruction. Holographic Cloud Platform is an interactive platform overlaying the entire country with information storage, picture restoration and holographic social features for picture classification and restoration.

Combining the above programs, WIMI forms a complete 5G holographic communication utility platform to support various online terminals and personal devices. Meanwhile, it expands to various mainstream 5G holographic purposes, reminiscent of holographic social communication, holographic home interplay, holographic star interplay, holographic online training and holographic on-line conference.

With the technology of 6D holographic mild area expertise revolution, WIMI will be sure that consumer expertise can achieve core simulation expertise, enhance the naked eye imitation of digital digital goods to 100% real level, and provide customers with essentially the most discerning provides. Bare eye simulation effect.

Regardless of WIMI holographic field cinema, 6D holographic high-end house, or future 6G holographic communication, customers will no longer really feel the white wall display with the naked eye.

In another 10 or 20 years, white wall screen movies and color digital screens will go down in history like black and white TV. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of specialization and the reduction of unit material value, the number of members may increase, and holographic specialization is sure to develop rapidly. Sooner or later, the new IT giants tend to have their own plans within the AR+5G sector. During this time more potential startups will emerge and become famous.

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